– Something you can use to introduce a non-experienced friend or family member to gaming
– Local co-op to experience working together and high-fiving intensely
– Online co-op to ensure you can play with friends you can’t always meet with
– Full controller support
– Challenging and interesting puzzles to solve
– A high concentration of lasers
– A strange and beautiful temple to explore
– The ability to defend your friend!


Defend your friend (DYF) is a 2D side (& up and down) – scrolling co-operative puzzle game where the players have to protect each other using their individual abilities. One player has a shield to block projectiles and reflect beams, while the other has a beam they can use to push away objects and activate mechanisms. Both players need to actively watch each other’s backs to make it through the multiple puzzles and traps, encountered inside the ancient temple they found themselves trapped in.

Defend your Friend_20160225105456

True co-operation

Defend Your friend is a truly co-operative puzzle game.
Both players are not just important, but vital – each with a unique role to fulfill. Through working together, combining their abilities and having each other’s back players make their way through carefully crafted puzzles inside an imposing ancient temple. Getting to understand the inner workings of the temple, and hopefully venture off to freedom. (1).gif

Accessible for new players!

Do you want to play a game with your friend, mom, dad or other relative – but you just cant find a game to easily play together?
Defend Your Friend is made so that it is easy to pick up for anyone new to games, with simple controls and well introduced mechanics. So if you want to introduce somebody to gaming, we’ve got you covered! (4).gif

A game that makes sense

Heavily inspired by Portal 2 and Trine, the puzzles in DYF follow a certain logic, that reveals itself through playing the game. The game ensures players have enough resources to figure out this logic by themselves, discovering the rules of the world without lengthy tutorials. (3).gif


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